…although I’m not sure if “here” is quite the right word, because the world that used to be here... the world I come from… it no longer exists. And I don’t know if I am really up for the mission of being the Living Oral History exhibition in your Museum of Hope and Glory. All I can do is share what I have heard, seen, re-heard, overheard, heard second hand, remembered, recalled, re-imagined, dreamed, re-seen or sorted. I used to have more to say, but nowadays, I often like to sit back and watch and listen to those echoes. One of those times is…NOW.
— Master of Ceremonies/ Last Living Veteran from the Great War

The last living veteran from the Great War is your emcee for a night filled with...




April 26, 2017

A staged "reading" as part of the first annual

Festival of New Works

presented by

Wilbury Group Theater Providence, RI

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For a bit more of what to expect from this "reading" and some elaboration on why "reading" is in qoutes.. click here.