Public Reading (free) August 24 at AS220

Join us Monday, Aug 24 at 7pm in AS220’s Black Box space (95 Empire St.)


We will present a reading of the entire script, as well as testing the game playing portions of the performance.  The tech will be extremely limited for this presentation, despite the fact that performance itself calls for a variety of physical and digital elements.  The actors will have scripts in hand.  There will not be any costumes.  The snacks called for in the script will be pared down to accommodate the budget.  These are not the most important things at this time.  The most important thing right now for this multi-threaded performance is...


Yes, right now, there are two major aspects of this performance that require an audience.  The first is the game that is in development, which we started working on last fall.  An original game is being developed as a way to engage a different part of the audience members’ brains when considering the subject material at hand.  We are looking to find what works and what doesn’t work with the game, as well as its presentation.  The game also (I hope) serves the both the narrative and dramatic arc of the evening.  


Related to the game, the other main reason that we need an audience is to see how the various modes of performance intertwine to make a whole.  It is an unusual structure.  It is difficult to understand how lines of play come off of a page and onto a stage.  It is impossible (at least for me) to divine the shape of a performance that has a play as one of several different overlapping threads of performance and presentation.


Beyond all this, we hope that you will laugh and be challenged as you join us for an experiment of theater.


We have gathered some great talent for this event:


Bobby Casey

Kate Lester

Alec Thibodeau

Chris Monti

Stuart Wilson

Erin Olson

Brien Lang

Patty Thomas


We thank them all for their time.


We also thank:

Mark and AS220 for making the space cheap enough to do this,

Jospeh Megel and the Process Series at UNC-Chapel Hill for helping with development

Eric Bogle for the kind and generous permission to use his words and music.


Posted on August 17, 2015 .