Question of the month - June 2015

Cover from publication for returning veterans.

Cover from publication for returning veterans.

We are back in the Ocean State this summer.  That means we are back in the midst of a community of artists and thinkers that we know and trust.  This is fortunate for Over the Top, because we are looking to do some work that requires such a community.  After working on the mechanics of the game (and how that would fit into the larger performance structure) last fall in North Carolina, we had some work to do, both on the piece and on other things.  So while we are here, we are planning to:

  • Continue to develop the game with local game geeks
  • Test the game with an audience or two 
  • Stage a reading that incorporates some of the musical and digital elements that are in development
  • Seek funding for a workshop production with a moderate amount of tech



Posted on June 16, 2015 .